Restaurant & Bar Loyalty Gaming : Mobile App & Business Panel

"Looking for a way to convert new customers into repeat, loyal customers? Trying to fill more tables on slow days? StoolDuel is your answer. StoolDuel is a loyalty gaming app that allows you to engage your customers with on-going entertainment. No need for tabletop devices, StoolDuel can be played on your customers' smart phones saving you money and getting them in on the action as soon as they walk in. Another great benefit of StoolDuel is rewarding your loyal customers with points that can be redeemed for anything you want to offer (for example, t-shirts, hats, free food, and gift certificates), keeping them coming back for more."

  • Premium
  • $ 59 / Month
  • Full Access to Private Back Office Web Software
  • Full Access to Gaming Dashboards
  • Full Access to Gaming Leaderboards
  • Reward Loyal Customers for Length of Stay
  • Promote Customer Loyalty
  • Fully Customizable Rewards
  • Control of Reward Redemptions
  • Full Access to Universal Trivia
  • 3000 Push Notifications
  • 3000 Email Blasts
  • 3000 Text Messages
  • UNLIMITED Custom Live Tournament Games
  • Customized Reports
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